March 10, 2010

Biorhythm Is WAY Off

This entire week my gimpy right ankle has felt like shit, and it was just moments ago that I figured out that it had something to do with this damp, semi-warm-ish weather we've been having. Happens every time these seasons change; I think I'm finally figuring this out, but I'll surely forget this fall.

Wish I could claim that I'm writing live from Buenos Aires, but no, as the previous paragraph states, I'm still right at home. However, many thanks to Meyer, Jamiel, CJ and company for providing better shit than I would and letting me slack off. Keep it coming dudes.

Slate has an Explainer about fixing up quotes which is rather pertinent when it comes transcribing interviews with skateboarders, like, um, fuckin', you know?

Cory Kennedy walkabout clip from Crailtap, and, for the record, this one from them as well is highly reminiscent of that BG board kick to kick back clip that appeared in Shitheads and the 411.

That's it for now, about to head to the Wolves game and start some Darko chants.

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