March 17, 2010

Renegade Sex Expert (aka Argentina Day#9)

Guest Blogger/Resident Audio Guy: JP@HYSTK™

I'm always down to get an espresso in Argentina at any time of the day or night. Fyi the gas station Cafe's are the shit. Don't sleep. I tend to get one the morning when I'm wandering off from… Where'd I sleep last night?? How'd we get in to one of the 2 apartments we are occupying during our stay in Argentina? It is a challenge Sharing keys with many people and coordinating getting in and out of the doors. I meet up with the chico's and we figure what cracking for the day. I am on this trip collecting the sounds and music from Argentina with tons of help from my homie, Brian Hawthorne. Couldn't have done it with out him. We have gotten down with tons of different local of chikaaahhhiii mean music. Brian and I attended live Tango. Milf haven yo. I was like damn these chicks are banging' even though they got a case of the old's. Shit was real dope tho and all the music we have seen has been on a complete other level. Oh yeah, and u must have a key to EXIT any apartment or hotel. Crazy fire hazard sunn… But it was fun making calls from the gas station next door. And after getting ahold of no one at about 3:30 am i just decided to scale the wall of the first door of my apartment and to my luck the door was open. I made it home. That night…

Day#9 Edit by Mike@HYSTK

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