March 18, 2010

Al fin estas putas se van de aca! (aka Argentina Day#10)

Guest Blogger: Mike@HYSTK™

Weeelll...  We have to leave today...  Never seen a group of 10 people so bummed about going back home.  I especially don't want to leave, so I'm headed to Mendoza to go paddle a river.  Fuck leaving.  Our last day consisted of a Neeno Brown NBD, some Castle talk, backing up footy, buying some of the things we have added to our list of addictions, and saying our goodbyes. BA feels like the Chicago of South America to me.  Nice people, some GRIMY sections, laid back attitudes, and an aggressive work ethic. 

We definately felt right at home.  Special thanks are in order for Mariano "The Mothafucking DUDE" Gagliardo , Bebe, Tiny, Ruben, Javier, Bebe, Giani, Diego, Marta, Tree Skateshop, and their girlfriends for their help and easily the best journey we could've hoped for.

I don't know if I'm ever going back to the US, but if I do, I don't think it'll be too long before I leave again.  Pretty sure none of us will stop traveling any time soon.  Arabia's up next if possible.  This trip was the inaugural foray into the HYSTK™ Travel Division.  There will be much more to come.  A prelude to the awesomeness that was Argentina will be up on the revamped HYSTK™ site April 1st while the show(s) will hit the streets May 1. Special thanks to our enablers:

Uprise Skateshop Affiliate Skateboards Manik Skateboards

and... The Castle

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Anonymous said...

you guys need to go to hit up rio de janeiro in a few years, they will be making some epic spots for their upcoming olympics