March 22, 2010

A Lamentation and Another Open Letter to 3rd Lair

Throughout it's brief existence, I heard at least three other times that 3rd Lair Burnsville was closing, and now its actually happening this Sunday. I commend the Lair guys for trying to make it happen South of the River, and hopefully this move ensures financial solvency, the vert ramp they're planning to build, AND a truly revamped street course. Spring time is a great time to rebuild.

And now, as I've done once before, Another Open Letter to 3rd Lair...

Dear 3rd Lair,

What with the closing of the Burnsville location and the opportunity to progress as a business, it is utterly time to re-design, nay, to scrap and rebuild, the 3rd Lair Website. The site started small, but then became a hydra of sorts; every time it was updated or changed, twice as much content was added. It has truly become out of control, unnavigable, and in the sense of trying to find specific information, unbearable. It is time to find a web-designer, someone who could utilize your current hosting, who could take the huge amount of unorganized information currently on display, and organize it. If nothing else, take your 3rd Lair BMX template and run with that for the main site. It is our humble opinion that two automatically loading quicktime movies along with two scroll bars should never co-exist on the same page.

Platinumseagulls LLC A bit more, an interesting conversation has occurred in the comments of the Program Break post that should at least garner some attention if you're a loc. The Jackal weighed in eloquently, saying pretty much what I'd have said but better (but we do recommend paragraph breaks), though if there is something to be added, go say it.

Sort of on that tip, Portland has a skater up for County Commissioner, and that's highly reminiscent of our very own newly minted pro, who once ran for Mayor of Mankato.

Finally, Mike Maldotaco's Maldonado's Mag Minute is a must watch.

PS: SHOCKING: Thadolo Strangely Silent on the Passage of Healthcare Reform, now has to worry about board sales?

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