March 23, 2010

"I'm 36 Years Old Man. C'mon!"

Between J. Strickland, Todd Jordan's fingernails, Gino and Pappalardo's real talk, and the skating of Jake Johnson, Zered, Joey Pepper, and Jahmal Williams (backside 50-50 180 to fakie nosegrind!), this HBO produced NYC skate doc called The Get By is well worth the time and possibly having to sign up with HBO. Its also nice to see Josh Stewart listed in the credits; I hope that fool gets paid. Assist from Templeton @ TSM.

Speaking of the @, not only is it a very old symbol, but now its art. Have a good day.


Templeton said...

Happy to help.

Anonymous said...

should see the legend of wilfredo gomez, another HBO documentary for skateboarding.