January 5, 2009

Touch My Face I'm Rolling

Always in the pursuit of high quality content, I'd like to share with you the amazing camera phone picture of a sequence of Davis nabbed from what I can only assume is the newest Thrasher. Up must be the new down in the '09.

Admittedly, the past post was a bit nostalgic and sensitive and shit, and was mostly for my friends I suppose, but you know, the comment board wasn't feeling it:

why does this blog read like some shitty senior year book? Remember us always...blah blah blah. This is some bullshit!
Sheeeeeee-it, I done wasted some reader's time, or at least that's what I can try to gleam from their eloquent, and anonymous comment. What I'm left wondering, is what were you, anonymous, expecting? A T-Wolves rant, some skate shit, a new locs, more links to Slate.com? Yeah, I don't know either, and be aware that more "shitty senior year book" type shit isn't out of the question, though I'm fairly over it at this point too. Also, I'll just put it out there that ya'll should use at least an alias instead of the anonymous option, not only because it keeps it interesting ala the lurker of the year, but also because some anonymous poster talked about wanting to have tons of sex with Jewish girls, and I know a hot Jewish girl that wants to meet him. All in all, BORING, let's move on.

Back on the Thrasher tip, and I'm a little late on this, but their 2008 Was Great video got me fully sparked; it's a little dangerous watching that shit here in the frozen tundra of bullshit land, but you'll be better for it.

I skated the Lair today, and well, it got me thinking, and it's pretty much this...An Open Letter to 3rd Lair...

Dear 3rd Lair,

Could we please breath some life into the set-up at the park? I know times are tough and all in this economic slowdown, ie, Depression, but let's look at it another way. Part of the new president's plan to revitalize our economy is to invest in the nation's infrastructure, and I feel like the same thing could work for the skatepark. I'm not talking about moving a ledge or setting up another bump to flat-bar, that just feels like bailing out the auto-makers; a move that is a near-sighted solution to a long-term problem, that isn't going to mean much in a year's time anyways. Obama is talking highways and mass-transit; I'm talking new quarterpipes, less bump to flat-bars, maybe a parking block type obstacle here or there, more nooks and crannies of little fun, simple to build obstacles, that are low impact to skate. I'm not claiming I've got all the answers, as I haven't drawn a blueprint for the future or anything, but I mean, the '09 is all about change, right, isn't that what we voted for? I think the time for some change is now.

Platinumseagulls LLC.

I wasn't trying to come off as a smart ass with that, just saying, can we please get a new set-up? Something?

Did I mention that these dudes rip?

Twolves win two in a row, woot woot.

So yeah, I just looked at the internet for 20 minutes and forgot I was updating. Game over, Gino for life.


Anonymous said...

Best post of 09. One could only hope the 3rd Lair listens, but their a lot more like the Bush admistration than Obama's.

Anonymous said...

Best post title ever. Whats with all these kids rollin' on and off their skateboards.

Chris said...

Wire reference was spot on

Anonymous said...

how about reloacting third lair to its original location so less fortunate kids can resume skating through the winter. instead of third lair daycare.

Anonymous said...

Hell ya, then we could peel some rubber on them skate mom ho's!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LET'S START WITH THE DAMN MUSIC! Do I really have to listen to David Bowie and other pop shit when I skate. I have a hard time believing that that is what the kids are into these days. Who's in charge of that shit?