March 7, 2010

Curbcut McTwist

Without a doubt, the highlight of Sunday was watching Matt Barnes ball-fake into Kobe's face before an inbounds pass, and Kobe's iceman reaction of, well, absolutely nothing, during the Laker's vs. Magic game.

The probable highlight of the past week in skateboarding, aside from the absolutely beautiful weather here in our fair city that does trump all else, could have been the Girl and Chocolate Skatepark Roundup, and hopefully that link works; as I type Thrasher is launching a new site and they wouldn't let me get at the video directly for a re-watch, and a better screen grab.

I was forced to mute the video upon my only viewing because the audio wasn't syncing, and beyond that, they'd used a song that I just didn't have to hear yet again; I'm glad I can't remember what it was. My hazy recollections aside, the stand-out moment came in the form of Vince Alvarez' cab 540 ollie, and thus, getting to the point, where's the street 540?

I'm sure it would never become as ubiquitous as, for instance, the switch frontside bigspin, but I don't find it unlikely at all that Chris Cole could be seen spinning a backside one down some stack, or, better yet, throwing it nonchalantly out of a curb cut to cap a line. Equally nice would be a CC cab 540 down something or other, and if he chose to throw in a little slip foot homage to Hensley, all the better. (Mental renderings of a frontside 540 ollie are failing on the basis aesthetics, but I'll have to see one outside my mind to fully write it off.)

As for the titular move, Koston, where you at?


Anonymous said...

It almost looks like they aren't directly in front of each other for the inbounder, could just be the angle. But if so, that was cold

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that was Vincent that did the fakie cab and a half... BUSTED!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris Cole...answers:

platinumseagulls said...

I wouldn't say I was busted, I'd say I watched something mid-week and then tried to write something about it and did so incorrectly. MJ changed to VA.

Anonymous said...

cole did a fakie 540 down a set in a king of the road video but kinda slid out bakermaker