March 1, 2010


This is completely lifted from The Hesh but way too real not to be re-posted. Said Sherman, "I was urinating blood."

Also awesome are the allegations here in the comments that McGuire kicks kids out of spots while he's shooting photos; first I wonder why the kid would actually listen to him in that situation and leave, but then, more logically, I bet Sam just didn't want the fool standing/sitting in the background of the shot. Anonymous, what say you?

The St. Louis Connection, Randall, emailed a mellow autumnal skatepark edit. The weather we're having reminds me that we're almost there dudes. Having brought up the SLC, I peeped the Pretty Blog; go there, and alos, as a bonus, they're down with BEEZ. With BEEZ in mind, Cream City trip is in less than two weeks; The Party Car reunion tour. We're done here.

PS: As we fight for longer and longer days to get to our destination, spring, NASA is saying that the Chilean earthquake likely shortened the day by shifting the tilt in the Earth's axis. Seriously.


Sam McGuire said...

Haha this is awesome! Hey can you at least say which spot it was at?

Anonymous said...

Whatever the case i'm sure everyone's just trying to do his or her job. Photographers, Filmers, Skateboarders, Teachers, Drug Dealers... and I respect that. Why not everybody stay the fuck out of the way and let other people do their jobs?

Carl said...

Sam McGuire owes me $20. Take a number anonymous.