February 23, 2010

Video Art

Neophyte video artist Sam McGuire has a new production up on the Etnies blog, that, and this photo, which must have been taken shortly before he fell down a set of stairs.

Son of St. Paul, Jeremy Reeves, has an ESPN interview.

Chico is always a pleasure to watch, and Nesser agrees (in the video), and to balance The Berrics link out, there's this pantomime.


Wylie Tueting said...

That "pantomime" video is the best! Only ninety views thus far! Great work, Mike!

Unknown said...

ha, send that shit into emotw!

Anonymous said...

Sam McGuire is such an asshole, davis and he kicked me out of a spot one time because he wanted to take a picture of davis for an ad

animus said...

jeeyah he kicked me outa that spot too...i think he busted my nut