March 15, 2010

I make it hail on them hoes (aka Argentina day#7)

Guest Blogger: CJ Tambornino

Ahhh sunday! Today was a pretty F'ing dope day in argientina, aside from the usual games of frogger to get to the spots (people drive crazy here) and you cant skate on the sidewalk cuz everythings so old and busted down, Ya gotta be on ya toes at all times! but the spots look amazing so grimey and rustic! and people dont pick up after their dogs so your constantly dodging shit everywhere you walk an skate haha. Also its pretty fucking amazing you can go to dinner with 7 people get food an drank for under 100 pesos thats like 25 bucks!! Sadley it was dax's last day so we let him pick the tha spots and he did a damn good job cuz we all got some bangers!! Sadley jamiel rolled his ankel pretty bad but he deffintly got quite a few whodacious stunts!!!! Whodi's b-days tomrrow!! Hes funna be 26!!!! I gotta go get ready for dinner were bouta feast are selfs off proper at some country house a hour or so from the city!!! Good evenin G's!


Mike said...

nice backflip

Anonymous said...

ha the end is soul