March 31, 2010


Photo by Sam McGuire

Jerboi Sam McGuire has some flicks in the new Photofile from TSM. More from Sam.

I'm headed to the Twolves game tonight to see if they can avoid tying their worst season ever; tonight might be their last best chance. The Nets have avoided tying the worst record ever the other night, and now they're trying to figure out whether or not they're better than the Wolves. The linked article doesn't mention the fact that the Wolves did manage to beat the Nets in both their meetings this season, so, even if they win the battle by matching or surpassing our amazing record, I still say the Wolves win the war.

I just heard Sarah Palin use the phrase, "Kicking it old school," over the radio; its time to get rid of any vestiges of that one from my vernacular.

I think I'm actually going to Milwaukee this weekend. How 'bout them Bucks?

I haven't plugged Dank Nuggzz in weeks! OMFG. On top of that, go here to buy a weed sticker pack.

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