March 13, 2010

BATS Official Press Release (aka Argentina Day #5)

Guest Blogger John Erickson

The Minnesotians and Chicagoite "Gringos" have successfully made it through their 5th full day in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Even though everything they do screams "American" and "tourist" so loud it can hurt your eyes and ears, they are really starting to come around to the Argentine lifestyle.They have been eating Carne Empanadas for breakfast while enjoying Mate out of their recently acquired mate gourds and bombillas (drinking straws). And you better believe they had no problem staying up until 8 in the morning at Club Lost with the rest of the sexy people. Although they have not wittnessed any more street fighting or robberies, you´re darn tootin they´ve been getting their skate on all day every day. I´m even beginning to hear some Spanish mixed in with all that gringo lingo. Except Dax, he spits that shit as fast as Ditka eats donuts. I guess I´ll just wrap it up by saying everything is super duper Bob. You betcha.

crumby iphone pics by: bmeyer

1 comment:

Uprise said...

Wish I was eating Carne Empanadas and drinking a cold Quilmes!!!! Rip it up boys I know I sure would!