November 6, 2014

Follow the Money

this Sunday @familiask8shop #GETBORN πŸ‘€

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Get your local-ish video fill this Sunday with Send Help's initial offering called Get Born. For those who need it spelled out, this means first Nesser part in a little bit and potentially a Tabari "Marcus" Cook part as well. Other potential fascinations include Brain Heck's already hyped section filmed out on the wild Bakken formation and what former man-am Randall Ploesser has going on roughly 700 miles down the Mississippi in St. Louis.

The blog has suffered, I know, in part because I've gotten the opportunity to write some stuff for the newly renovated Ride Channel site. Thus far, it's been fun, because I've written some blog-like entries and discussed massive skateboard industry conspiracies with former pros on Facebook.

Elsewhere, Chromeball interviewed one-time Minneapolis loc/infamous former pro Ryan Fabry. As illustrated by Fabry, our area's potential for forcing dudes to skate both street and transition goes back more than 25 years. For what the interview lacks in specifics about those bygone years around here, it's still a cool read. If one Fabry story/myth that I've heard from primary sources stands out, it's the persistent story of him feeble grinding the MCTC large rails at some point in the late-80s. That's heavy.

Update: At the end, Daniel Castillo speaks the truth.


Anonymous said...

how does one get a copy of the send help vid?

Wylie Tueting said...

I hate to admit it (I mean I seriously do), but that Corey Kennedy part is just about the best thing I have seen this fall. I, like so many people, have had varying respect for that guy, yet I respect him flat-out now.
Hey: don't watch another Cyril Jackson part, nor another Brad Cromer part, as they only seek to wow you with single tricks.
Watch this Corey Kennedy part.

Alyn said...

curious about copies as well or a straight to the web gem?

Jonathan Richman said...

omg i strongly disagree with wylie, always watch a brad cromer part

Wylie Tueting said...

Brad Cromer has -- no doubt -- a really lovely style, as if it were velvety to the touch.
But I have yet to see him break his habit of doing lots and lots of single tricks over obstacles, and that is a choice of his that is more in line with Nyjah than it is with Gonz, alas.