November 17, 2014

VX Legacy Foundation

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For a long, long time, Benji Meyer wanted to make a concrete cast of Sony's famous and skater preferred VX-1000--a camera first released roughly 19-years-ago--with the ostensible purpose of showing up at a spot and doing some reps with the likely heavy concrete replica. One must admit the handle on the iconic camcorder makes it ideal for some curls.

That was a long time ago, back in heady days when we were roommates. This year, plastic variants of the idea above started showing up, with, instead of lots of mass, a slot on the death lens tip where a Go-Pro camera can be placed. The fabrication of the thing bore out proof that Meyer had teamed up with Anthony Hart and was about to make something happen, with more clues hidden in Meyer's most recent Instagram username switch.

Now there's a website and the two are selling the things.

Since that thing went live yesterday, if memory holds, Meyer's Instagram account got a 1,000 bounce and the Internet's skate shoe cognoscenti felt a little weird:

Or less weird, with the commenting class pretty much feeling it.

For those who could never afford or find a VX1000 on eBay, this is as good as it gets...

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Will be monitoring the Slap board for the likely thread to follow. Might even do some legwork later on to see if those guys are selling anything.
Waiting on responses regarding the availability of Get Born, per the last post's comments, but it's sounding like it will be posted online in the near future, perhaps via a mag site.

Oh snap. There's a new Familia website. As they line up events seemingly every weekend this month (I never posted about the Chocolate event), there's another one this Saturday, with Big Joe Red. Peep their photo feed for details.


My Spanish skills have slipped, per Google: "Support for gopro as the VX1000 is the biggest nonsense ever seen." Ha.


Wylie Tueting said...

Hey, that's Anthony Hart, all right. I thought he was dead, or in the Marines; I hoped for the latter option, personally. Remember when he switch bs-tailslide the silver 6-stair rail in Uptown in Weekend Warriors -- wow! Let's be sure we release whatever his current footage.
And speaking of footage, Madars Apse -- our favorite Latvian -- is now pro, and has a most vibrant new part now available on YouTube. I say link that clip!

Anonymous said...

Wylie, why don't you go take a seat over there. Just take a seat.

Anonymous said...

That's not Anthony Hart, that's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Look at those muscles...