October 21, 2014

Frontside 360s, Both Ways

Matt Reason died. His 411 Profile section gripped me in my mid-teens, and his skating's stuck with me ever since. 411 headman Josh Friedberg has some good words on the matter:
Shit like this reminds me how connected the people that chose to dedicate their lives to skateboarding actually are. If you skated in the mid-90s Matt Reason's raw street style, big ass wheels and solid switch game had a lasting impact on your world. Rest in peace to a pioneer of skateboarding from the East Coast.

Philly local Vern Laird filled in some blanks:

9am in China and waking up a million text messages and emails about Matt is the last way I wanted to start my day. Here is what I found out. He got the flu, and it turned into pneumonia. It moved fast and he died of heart failure today. I spent almost everyday of my life skating with Matt at Love Park from 1991 all through the 90's and witnessed one of the best ever to do it but also to do it with style. I am at a loss for words because I still can't and don't want to believe he's gone. RIP #MattReason

Transworld posted scans of a 1996 interview with Reason, that featured an alternate angle of that feeble grind photo from Love Park that's been all over, tonight:


TONIGHT 8 P.M. The premiere of #TWSOutliers at #FamiliaHQ

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I don't much remember the previous TWS video; Cinematographer Project was definitely a significant bump atop a long plateau of an almost too productive string of videos. There's a good line up, though, and a new guy making it and a Gladwell joke, so see you there.

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sprntrl said...

RIP to a legend. Dude was super influential.