April 18, 2013


Above is footage from the Transworld CUT contest from last Saturday along with photos and a brief write-up here; I'm breaking no self-imposed rules by posting this stuff, the snow falls yet again.

From further south, friend of the Plat, Randy Ploesser, asks for a little bit of help regarding the future demise of the spot you don't call Shitside:

"Hey dudes, if you have the time could you link this on your webzones, social media, etc. It is to raise funds for what would be the first public non-DIY skatepark in Saint Louis. Our main DIY under the Kingshighway bridge is slated for destruction Spring 2014. There is a Tony Hawk grant secured and we just need the last push to get it there."
They've got a Kickstarter page right here. FYI, you can still buy the St. Losers video.

The Deathwish video premiere is tomorrow night at the HQ.

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