May 6, 2013

Video Salvage

In June, 2008, the Universe hit that great big reset button in the sky on this website, and while it wasn't the first time the archives went "poof," (former blogging buddies could be so capricious), it was an unforced error, the loss of lots of heady (and embarrassing) blogging and a decent amount of video too. Why archive when the internet is forever?

Thanks to the Wayback Machine and a lazy Saturday evening, I tracked down the above, a not-as-bad-as-expected upload salvage from a little Quicktime movie that dwells out there, somewhere, in a corner of the Internet.

Skaters include Sam McGuire, Andy Paulsen, Me, Chad Benson, Chris Carpenter, Ryan Hansen, Dan Jackson and Dom Hess.

Memory bank the date: May 18 is Day of Familia.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was pretty mentally checked out during that fever dream of non-spring.


Anonymous said...

Side Note:
The rail that Sam ollies to grass ride is the rail Alec 50-50's as a Volcom add. (He's good) BUTT-TOWN!


SPRNTRL said...

further evidence that dolo has the best switch bs flip in the gatdamn game