April 12, 2013


Nate Compher, switch backside smithgrind, photo (within the photo) by Dan Z.

The above was in The Familia Video and the photo is from Low Card from some years ago. I caught that photo of a photo at Randy's house in St. Louis, in 2009, I think. The external hard drive contains things you missed and things you didn't even know you missed. Happy to report that Nate is back on board, after that autumn/winter knee scare.

There is another contest at Familia HQ tomorrow, all necessary details are at the link back there, come out to get checked out.

As the decade-long-cycle of Minneapolis public skateparks resets, there are talks of new and significant improvements afoot. Look no further than Mayor R.T Rybak's outgoing State of the City speech to see what's up. I think it's progress.

#VIKINGSHIPHALFPIPE (for social media use; h/t to Fink)

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Anonymous said...

i always forget how hard compher killed it in this video. next level shit