March 29, 2012

"This For Everybody in 'Sota"

I never posted this part. Shame on me.

Remember how Dana Ross and two others were jumped/attacked on Nicolett Mall from what I can reconstruct as March 10? Well, that seems to be an unreported part of a larger series of attacks downtown (the comments on that article are toxic) and it seems like they were lucky in that they weren't hurt worse (nobody got seriously injured). I'm not sure what else to draw from this but avoiding Nicolett for a bit or keeping your head on a swivel if you still have to skate there. Many of the attacks have gone down between 7th and 4th on Nicolett and if you need to visualize, you can see on this map that it's a zone near a lot of skatespots. Keep your eyes open out there.

With that out of the way, Twitter sort of shit its pants Wednesday night with the revelation that Kevin Garnett doesn't like the Timberwolves organization but still loves the fans here in Minneapolis. Even though this website long ago diagnosed KG as having lost his mind, any reaction to the linked quote above needs to keep in mind that the first shout out he gave upon winning the NBA Finals was a shout out to here. But then what? How far removed are we from the breakup again? Yeah, going on five years. In that time, the Wolves have put up one watchable shortened season of basketball, this year, and even prior to KG's departure we weren't competitive for another three. The rose colored glasses are deceiving us. What's more, Kevin Love is in the MVP discussion (albeit on a barely losing team) and some are still lamenting the one that got away. Let's move on.

But only so far. On NBA players who are traded mid-season. It's a good read, makes the dudes seem human/normal, which really shouldn't be a big surprise.

Still trying to make sense of the Larry Balma song.

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