March 27, 2012

Circular Blogging or The 411 Rule Taken to Extremes

The rules about songs in skateboard videos entered murky territory with the advent of the web video and the passing of the 411 rule*, but the dudes at Royal have mucked the whole game up even further by using Rudy's song from Goldfish for the welcome video above. Shall we see it as some form of homage (however you actually should say the word) and read it as "Rudy Johnson is really hyped on this kid," or do we read it as an "Ah, fuck it, song works" type moment where conventions were thrown to the wayside and a song that just worked was used? Does any of this matter? And could this be the same Miles Silvas or an approximation thereof who either rode for Shorty's or Termite back when? I'm not sure or I'm making the whole thing up. Yes, the skating above was amazing.

There's always an argument as to whether songs should be reused at all in videos, just for the sake of the fact that while there may be a finite amount of songs out there, the amount of skateboard videos, promos, webclips, etc., could never actually match the quantity of music in existence. It's difficult not to think of the "I Want You Back" controversy of old, which was purely allusion and not homage, a nudge in the rips that was a little too hard, but I'd lean more towards an "Ah, fuck it," type thing than some sort of deeper message. Cool song, cool part. What was the point I was trying to make?

*That songs used in forgettable sections of the bi-monthly video magazine could be used in other projects without sanction. Songs from memorable parts are off limits, see "No Shame in My Game" or '93 'til Infinity".


Anonymous said...

Does Rudy still own part of Royal?

platinumseagulls said...

I think so, which works with the implicit "Rudy is down with this' type thing.

Anonymous said...

The end of this song was also used in the last movement of S. Janoski's "Mosaic" part, and in the movie "Bottle Rocket."

COAS said...

I think the benefit of the doubt is applicable here. Good post munz