March 14, 2012

Downtown Field Notes

Result of a Google image search for "Minneapolis by night."

As a bookend, perhaps, to the weirdness felt last fall downtown, last night provided an equally confounding experience skateboarding in a place that we all thought we knew, as the anti-winter comes to a close. Evidently, there are surprises left in the city.

-Dana Ross and two others were jumped on Nicollet Mall on Saturday in broad daylight by a group of people. This deterred none of them from showing up Tuesday night. It's insanely difficult for grown-ass men to understand this. None were hurt that bad. Word has it the young guy that got jumped Saturday ended up in the paddy-wagon Tuesday night.

-Yelling at skateboarders from cars is, evidently, absolutely not passé, while onlookers on foot will be wearing Janoski's. They say nothing.

-In 16 years of skating downtown I'd never used the bathroom at the Government Center parking garage. The drinking fountain yes, the lavatory no.

-It was good to see multiple crews downtown, at night, all jamming up the parking garage. You know what I'm talking about.

-Rob had the quote of the night trying to get the mute security guard at Yellow Curb to allow another time, exhorting him with the fact that "We've got a ton of dough on this." It didn't work. In another life the kid kicking us out looked like someone we might have chilled with, or sold shoes to.

-Short of a ton of negatively-charged-mood slime flowing beneath the city streets tonight, damn, people were not in good moods.

-Drunk chicks trying to impress skateboarders by riding skateboards is still not cool nor impressive.

-"I hope you don't get it up."

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