March 20, 2012

Brad Miller's Mid-Summer-in-March Night Dream

I know I'm guilty of starting a post with, "When I interviewed so-and-so..." and it always feels a bit self-aggrandizing (but still better than posts about packages), but still, interviewing Daewon Song was pretty cool. Getting him to call back/answer with his phone wasn't a King of the Road challenge for nothing either, so my half-hour conversation (that ended up going in about a month past deadline) with the guy still ranks pretty high. I can say this: He's normal [though he was driving a Hummer and had just ordered McDonald's coffee when I talked to him (he loved that stuff, don't know now)], aside from his getting-better-with-age skateboarding, his tricks that are relentlessly impossible to caption and, well, the video part above. He contorts his body in the way I'd figured you'd have to do certain tricks while doing certain tricks I'd never in a million years of thought. Says Ali G, "Respect."

Also, new from Glue Factory, at finer skateshops in the Twin Cities:

Late, yes, but, "Well just smoke the weed here." I thought there was a chance for "Hey, did my flash go off," but simply hitting the little guy did the job just fine.

Edit: Brad Miller is reportedly retiring following his thirteenth year in the NBA and only season with the Timberwolves. He'd been banned from this website in previous years during his time with the Kings, only to be amnestied on the "banned" thing when all NBA teams that were previously banned were brought back into good standing on this website. He hopped around the league while evidently smoking some weed and famously, or not, was fishhooked by Rondo, in what should have been a flagrant foul in one of the best NBA Playoff series ever. Relegated to trade and salary fodder over the offseason (he helped us get rid of Johnny Flynn) just by still being in the league, Miller remains as the guy I wish was wearing a microphone just to hear the cool shit he says to Kevin Love. His "Scrappy Doo" tattoo will be missed, if not understood.

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