January 4, 2012

Drinking Buddies

If you were at the Skate Related 2* show last week but didn't make it into the movie theater for fear of having to stop drinking, or another reason, here it is, MOGAZELLE, possibly subtitled, "Dudes I see at the bar but never skate with." It's a good watch; Aaron Christiansen has as full a part as one can, and Patrick Voller follows up 1998's Prototype quite well (unless he had a part in 1999's Get Money, I can't remember).

Anybody looking for a "1999 Chevy 1 ton lifted 454 Pussy Magnet with plow"? Joe's got your back.

Wiskate has a new video up featuring slappy crooked grinds on ledges and other such awesome. It's their 80th vid too.

*I originally wrote "Made For Skate." Sorry I blew it the first time.


Mighty Roll said...

Love the video its nice to see parts from skaters that I recognize from around here but have never seen parts from (spencer, pete, patrick, etc). Props!

sprntrl said...

that vid was terribly awesome. good to see guys not taking skating too serious. props

Halfpipe of Odin said...

You can sell Pussy on craigslist, but you can't sell your totally bitcchin Chevrolet Pussy Magnet I guess.
Even 'Panty Dropper' got flagged!

Scott said...

Seal - Kiss From a Rose

This wins.

sprntrl said...

time for an update Munz. You fire that intern yet?