January 14, 2012

The Giving Tree

Mark Suciu rips.

The easy comparison between Nyjah Huston and his San Mateo-not-that-much-similar-counterpart (Element made it easier by buying the ad before the video for 11.11.11 on the Thrasher site, at least for bit) was seen and noticed by many an internet commentaire. The general vibe was "Fuck Nyjah" because two dudes at once can or cannot kickflip backside nosebluntslide a handrail at the same time and somehow commenters and otherwise anonymous folks needed to find an underdog for their skateboard dreams. Sure, Suciu is vibey and instead of "Top 40 Rap" he skates to some songs that do nothing for the part. Everyone is ok.

What's telling is that Suciu apparently harbors no brutal feelings towards skateboarding, he's a fan of going fast and not finishing with the expected punchline. He's knock-kneed to the extent that I'm not sure about his style, but the extant switch 180 off the block deters most of the unneeded criticism. He seems to be studied, versed, etc., in the ways that not always doing the hardest shit still delivers the best results. Yet he does plenty of hard shit, thrown in without pageantry to the part.

Through numerous discussions with people I trust, in their skate decisions and otherwise (mostly, I guess), what I want out of Mark Suciu are some years. We have young men doing amazing feats while they're still young men. I don't know how old Suciu is, but the trend is under-20 and I want to see what this dude can do at 25, or 27, and so on. Same goes for Nyjah. If hearts are broken because I think skateboarders look better as "grown-ass-men" (see Gary Collins or Andrew Reynolds or anybody else), I offer no apologies and it'd be incredible for them to keep it up (Nyjah more so than Suciu).

Gary Collins was said to have added his two cents as a "grown-ass-man" while trying to skate a quarter-pipe at Tampa Am, some years passed. I have no idea how old he was. I just turned 30. I'm biased.


sprntrl said...

That's some of the best skateboarding in the last decade. Perfect trick and spot selection. Finally a young buck who's studied his skateboard history.

Anonymous said...

should have skated to "Ghostbusters" again
cc @johnmoe

Mighty Roll said...

You don't know who you are as a skater when you're under 20 (most don't). The trials and conquest of age brings the true skater out of some people. When you're young you have more energy, bounce-back-ability, and time to shred. The responsibilities of adultness (mental strain) plus the demands on your time (sleep deprivation) make you have to work for this shit so on the rare occasion you get to skate you can go in! The elders (25+) that continue to skate and don't sall off are true skate warriors.
Happy 30 years Munzy!

Wylie Tueting said...

Yah, those songs, especially the first song, did do next to nothing for his part. However, and I stress the however, his Love Park skating sure did, especially because it was at night, which I hear makes matters harder.

jonathan richman said...

not only did he skate to elliott smith, which is a mega weenie move to begin with, it was a really bad elliott smith song. with that said, the part is fucking SICK. for sure really stoked on that dude. front crook overturn is so fresh

Anonymous said...

This part is legit, but I feel like it would be 10x better with some hot hip hop track.

Anonymous said...

No comments yet about the best thing in his part? Not many could keep a legit line going with a straight face after sending a backpack-strapped college stooge scurrying the way this young man did. Good work and kids take note! From this day forth, Glue Factory will discard any sponsor-me vids that DON'T contain at least one instance of pedestrian interference that failed to deter trick-making.

-Dan Jackson

Terry said...

Favorite part in years.

Anonymous said...

this kid got a lot better, his style improved, he skates faster, better trick selection (no more fully flared ledge dancing), seems like he finally figured out what he likes to wear and how he likes to skate, this kid is rad, i hope he keeps it up, very entertaining to watch