January 3, 2012

The Ball Dropped

If you put this part together with his Adeline part which came out only some four months ago, Nesser did some heavy lifting on the board, as well in the straight to web department. Together they're four minutes of goodness. Happy New Year.

I would fire myself if I were remiss to mention the MOTHERFUCKING MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES. Sure, they're 2-3, but SportsCenter seems to be 'bout it (them), the Target Center is the electric place of which I haven't seen since 2004 and for the first time ever, we've got a point-ass-point-guard in the form of the 30-year-old woman shiver-inducing Ricky Rubio. On that note, congrats to jerboi David Fink, who was recently named head videographer for the Wolves, who recently tweeted pictures like this to prove he's just really killing it. Congrats man. The real winner in all of this is Kevin Love, our sometimes maligned former-baby-fat power forward, who, no matter what the Catalonian heartthrob does is the true anchor of this team, and a legitimate MVP type player come the end of the season.

I get skate-like-vibes from Rubio (trust me) and I need to dress up like Fink to steal his job. Again, Happy New Year.


Terry said...

Best part yet steve! Your style is just clean man!

sprntrl said...

minnesota's finest. yeah nasty!

Anonymous said...