July 31, 2011

What XGames?

Etnies Paris Video. Interesting to see some new faces in the mix after all the recent industry power moves.

The Xtreme Games we're apparently on TV today. I didn't see any of it but from what I saw on twitter, everyone else saw all of it. Scott Tammel phrased it pretty well; "Watching the Xgames is the new not watching the Xgames."
Needless to say my curiosity got the best of me and I had my fill after only one youtube clip. The Go Skateboarding Day Era has produced some pretty unbeatable robots. Skateboarding gets weirder.

Dennis didn't break his board today (some might consider that newsworthy).



sprntrl said...

It's not like Dennis didnt want to break his board, he just owes me so much loot from betting at skating, he simply cannot afford to break a board...

Anonymous said...

Besides all the usual x games lameness it was especially sad to see a pretty cool little street spot get built and then the top two comp bots only hit the usual bump to ____'s and the standard rail. The least lame moment was a shecks wall ride and smile... a strange turn of events-