November 12, 2010

Youth Deferred


A confluence of skate excellence is happening this weekend in the greater Twincities--the vaguely flyer-less Plan B demo at the Lair, and the Sk8 Mafia backed St Cloud Skate Plaza opening. For the diligent and motivated, this Saturday offers skateboard nerding at levels never imagined, but be aware. The Lair is understandably expecting a big turnout for the demo, and they have a semi-complicated entrance policy for it. As for St Cloud, the weather is looking necessarily sketchy, but then again, that's my NE Minne zip-code, so maybe that 80% chance of rain or snow is really, really isolated. My "Oh shit" moment of the day was when MPR stated that they really had no idea what was going to happen on Saturday, weather-wise. It could be a ton of rain, or five to 10 inches of snow; their computer wasn't sure just what is to happen.

My best hopes say that everything goes off without a hitch this weekend, barring the "possibly-impending-but-we-don't-know-potential-blizzard." Those with high hopes be aware that you might get slogged; a possible alternative is getting that giant wine glass, and dealing with a possible snowed in fate.

Happy weekend?


Anonymous said...

Those Plan B demo entry rules are some pure Mark Mullery.

jonathan richman said...

oh shit! better get my membership asap. snake in the grass :'(

Anonymous said...

you guys are retarded

Sandbox said...

That shit is straight retarded.

boil the ocean said...

wish i found that pic