November 19, 2010

Time Again

If French rap is frap, then Charles Collet had a very faux-frunk thing going on for way too long and I was never into him, until now. This French Fred produced web short of him is not only a perfect autumnal remedy, even with snow on the ground, but also shows Collet in a mellowed, simply shredding light that puking up wine and other b.s. sometimes overshadowed. Aside from his board going in the river, the best part was the reverse-Michael J. Fox, and like, the skating too.

This post is a direct result of reading the Burnout French Fred interview. Sometimes those things can be a little too insidery, but that one was good. I think I could chill with Fred.

Intriguing things happening at the Lair.

Fin. Happy Weekend.

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