November 22, 2010

Skaten Verboten

Sleet outside and new videos from Crailtap make good bedfellows. What I scrawled on an envelope while watching:
-Fast cars are still cool. Yeah Ty Evans, good intro.
-Chocolate needs to put Lem Villimen on before he ends up on Plan B. As much as I enjoy Kenny Anderson and Chico, they need some fresh legs to back up the video's one trick wonders.
-Malto in white shoes!
-Vince Alvarez, I'm becoming more and more convinced, can do whatever he really wants and make it look cool and/or janky-but-cool, and still be surprising. Switch 360 flips and BSA stinkers come to mind. And all that bizarro switch out of nowhere.
-All the young dudes just don't look right trying to break shit and such. They simply come off too well adjusted.
-The filters make this web throwaway nice and cohesive.
-Get ready to get sick of nollie late-flips and other variants in the near future. While Cory Kennedy and P-Rod are doing them quite well right now, the flood gates will open soon. On a related note, switch bigspin heelflips are losing their luster.
-Scratch the assertion that KA only had one trick; I'm counting that chop-stick Michael J. Fox as one too. Or should it be a Marty McFly?
-Is one of the main reasons that Lem Villemin isn't full on because they've already got Malto? Aside from their obvious shared Asianosity, their skate-games are strikingly similar. Do all the really good kids skate that way now? Maybe.
-Crailtap has now split allegiances between Vimeo and Youtube, but as pointed out by Geaners Gauges, still stay allied with iFrames.

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