November 18, 2010

SUM ROX Redux (I think)

Photo by Sam McGuire. That's Cutty

A happy birthday to one time Dudes With Tudes contributor, beard farmer, Lake Street 3rd Lair de-constructor, Survivor intro-er, and overall good duder, Chris Vanderwall. Keep it cutty.

Addition by subtraction by another addition--Jack Sabback quit Traffic but Milwaukee's own Max Murphy is on. Check the link, it's Oyola in bitter-semi-sweet magnificence. Now, who's gonna give Nordness boards?

The Hesh has an actual update that isn't about 4 Loko.

While still not a good team, the TWolves are showing signs of life. With a grinded out win last night, Platinumseagulls person of the week, Michael Beasely, gave the money quote: "Cause when I think it's not really too good." PREACH.

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Sandbox said...

I imagine, I imagine, I imagine.....Fuck you! Fuck the FDA. Loko is TYYYYYTE!!!!