October 27, 2010

Open Letter To 3rd Lair Part 3/A Windy World

The New Edition, via The Hesh

As tonight/today emphasizes, here we are, welcome to winter(ish) times, though, no doubt, we've got a 70 degree day left on the docket. Torrential rains and winds found me skating at 3rd Lair last night, and in recognition of the fact that they've begun to revamp the street course and make something anew for the winter, its time for a Third Open Letter to 3rd Lair. This shall be brief(ish):

Dear 3rd Lair,

The new obstacle is fun, even if the coping should stick out a bit more; eight feet is too-high-to-not-know exactly where you are on that thing. Either way, its a hell of a roll-in. Please keep changing stuff.

Thanks, Platinumseagulls LLC.

As an addendum, its useful to note the original open letter, which advocated for simplicity, smallness, and funness (sic on purpose).

It could snow today.


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