October 27, 2010

Good Intentions

Chris Burt montage lifted from Kevin Horn. Welcome to Platland TJ.

Loon Dunks coming to Familia. Jerboi Bratrud designed them, but others say otherwise.

Still hard up for a Halloween costume like I am? An option.

House of 1817: The Movie premieres this Friday. Does that mean we shouldn't use the name Shitheads Vol. 8: The Movie, or that we should even more?

What Was The Hipster from New York Magazine is worth a read, maybe--anything that claims the death of a subsection of youth culture is usually pretty dubious. I do love it that "skatepunks" are lumped into the party. I also like that the author's description of the "White Hipster," just sounds like some random douche bag. Money quote: "Alife, the hipster-branding consultancy–cum–sneaker store, also launched in 1999, staffed by employees who claimed a rebel background in punk/skateboarding/graffiti to justify why they were now in retail sportswear." That's funny.

TWolves season opener? BOOYA!

12 O'clock Boys montage in Shitheads?


Carl said...


brad said...

hell yeah

Anonymous said...

easily the raddest looking freeze frame on that throwawy youtube video.

Anonymous said...

I thought rob sissi desined em for fobia bak in the day?

Anonymous said...

how is that freeze frame rad
its gay as hell