December 14, 2009

Times Was Froggy

filler from Glue Factory Skateboards on Vimeo.

Filler happened, and speaking for everyone involved, thanks to those who came out, it was a pleasant surprise for all us old men. Watch the video above or hit your trusted skateshop if you want a hard copy.

Meyer was kind enough to throw some of his flicks from the night on the web right here. What's next then?


Hassel-Bloggin-Hoff said...

Nice Video! Enjoyed it. Dan Jansen is ripping, and was my favorite part. Was hoping to see more Munz, but what can you do.

Tolson said...

Must get a copy. Real good stuff.

DOM said...

sick video! was fun to watch!

typoscura said...

Todd Brown had the illest part. ILLEST.