December 10, 2009


The return of something like this or this.

Mid-2009 was a time that I briefly rediscovered my love for the 40 oz.-er, before remembering their (to me) mind erasing effects and general way-too-blotto results. Take the time to read the reviews. Laser dawg.

As its been for the past five years or so, Shitheads Vol. 8 is again being dredged up for a sequel, and just like every other time, it seems like this time it might have legs. The idea has been kicked around so many times in fact, that I had McGuire code up a SV8 Sequel Name Generator. That shit is top secret, but here are some that I'm kicking around (since bringing it up last post, right?).

Shitheads Vol. 8 Part Two: Pizzy Vs. Jackal
Shitheads The Movie: The Search For Jr. Mint
Shitheads Begins (The prequel)
Shitheads: A Benji Meyer Joint
Shitheads World Tour

They get worse as you go down the list. Whatever, there's a production meeting Saturday.

Also, another round of the Platty's is coming up here, if you got something, leave it in the comments.

PS: The Tore-ass (2) getting coverage. Sick rig.


Nathan said...

That glue factory picture/poster that is everywhere says cimema with two two m's

evilonelive said...

I will have a trick in Shitheads Vol. (name tbd)

112% into this
Evil Pat