December 15, 2009

Its A Saint Paul Thing

Lucky us. On the heels of Filler comes New Flavors by Kevin Horn, so get ready to head back to Oak Street this Saturday night. First the old dudes, and now the young dudes...view the trailer here. With rumors of footage pulled, things seem to be shaping up like videos of the past quite nicely. It might be drama, but the vid looks real good.

And the Wolves win. 'Twas a good game for all in blue involved. Hey Jan, hit up that @j_flynn and congratulate; kid had a career high in points!

Homeboy is giving B-Show a run for his money (last trick). (Though when I think about it, Chad has a job, two kids, and is 34; I say they're even).

Finally, A-Plus sent in a link to one of the illest sponsor-me-tapes out there, and while I may have already linked to it, they use "Preach" so well, its totally worth another shot.


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Dude I saw that-amazing!!! 28 points that Flynn was on fire!!