April 30, 2009

Triple OT. No Homo?

Photo by Sam McGuire

Mr McGuire shot some photos at Handjob HQ of the first session of the season; I was sitting in math class at the time.

Have you fools been watching the Bulls vs. Celtics series? The only way to describe it is beyond bonkers. Maybe Hecto-bonkers? Shit goes to four separate overtimes in five games, so why not just rep a triple OT in game six??? (And by the way, that links to a video recap, and the voice-over dudes fully KILL IT.) In a strange turn of events, the triple OT barn burner was somehow fully predicted. Corduroy believes. I almost can't believe I'm doing this, but Brad Miller is officially unbanned from The Plat, as is the entire Denver Nuggets team; I'm feeling those dudes. Go Bulls! In fact, I'm putting an entire moratorium on banned people/teams/etc. in the NBA. Platinumseagulls, Where Amazing Happens. I don't care if you don't care about basketball; tune in Saturday night for the real deal shit; fights, blood, and balls out basketball are a foregone conclusion.

You Will Soon brought the scoop; poor old Brian Wenning is now board sponsorless. F. Scott Fitzgerald chuckles from his grave; this is surely not the final chapter, Youtube vigil now in full effect.

Meza hit the nail on the head;

I don't know about you and your blog, but when we post a video of an international celebrity commenting on how one of our riders acts when they're drunk, we don't really feel like we have to post much else. Seriously.

Brad Pitt on Crailtap (you totally didn't see that already!).

After a brief foray into con-trails, reportedly shut down by shady figures within the Obama administration, Dank Nuggzz is back to bring the Dada cannabis sativa style. And oh yeah, fuck these dudes. Dank Nuggetzz is hereby banned from Platinum, you unoriginal bastards, while the newly reinstated gum-smacking yet underrated Andre Miller basks in the warm glow of the Platinum smile.

I can admit when I am wrong; just last week I said the Mariano Epicly Later'd was lacking pathos. Well, this week's episode just smacks with pathos. Get it, smacks?

Would a Wenning Epicly Later'd be watchable? Like a car wreck.

There's a new Wiskate video. One day we'll have foote here. Who else is a Max Murphy fan, and would Milwaukee footage ever feel so good if it weren't shot on a GL-1?

Nerd out on a great quote about comic book heroes: "On top of that, if you had a problem with his peeps? He'd kick your butt, bub."

Top Shop is this weekend.


the interior plain project said...

After Banning NBA for most the year, I do believe again, maybe minus some ref calls with standing.

Anonymous said...

why isn't YOU WILL SOON in your links?

pete said...


Anonymous said...

skateboarding is JUST LIKE basketball! A wondering thought, such neato content!! We are all so smart

Anonymous said...


platinumseagulls said...

Yay for sarcastically neato content. If I only cared about skateboarding my life would suck; nice postscript, faggot.

Anonymous said...

anybody that reads this website is sure to see that your life sucks just fine without any kind of caring. Its amazing, way to go perez, love it all

platinumseagulls said...

Just keep checking the site daily around 9:35 and clicking on my google ads, and we're cool.