March 20, 2009

Hectobucking Since 2008™

nerd out

Had 1845 unique visitors here in the month of January. Here's how the Plat stacks up to the juggernauts of the MSSOM (mainstream skateboard online media) for the same month.

The Beer Up, Bro Down Blog; relive last year's outing, praying for less blood shed and less rain. Date to be determined.

Also, a little birdie mentioned some more upcoming skateboard fun. Details leaked as details come.

Someone should call me out on the last post; at one moment, complaining about the invasiveness of twitter on one's privacy, then a post below I post pictures of me with a dog and in a neck brace. Hypocrisy is the new twitter.

Also, a proper 18th birthday shout-out is in order for Kirian Stone; it seems like only yesterday that you were a King of the Groms, and I was throwing helmets at you.


Anonymous said...

Trillyobucking the fuck out of some trillyolytics!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Kirians google pictures all being from when he was like 10