February 17, 2009


Jake Johnson was the almost unanimous favorite from Mind Field, and he had another banger part in the Chapman video, above. Mark the switch flip backtail on a rail off the list.

On A Boat!!!, via The Hesh. That's some fake life to the fullest.

Yet another cameo of Cha' Boi over at The Berrics, this time with a quick flash in the surrogate clip of Berra vs. MJ. Cha' dig?

Yet another reason that your 17 year-old girlfriend needs to stop texting naked photos of herself to you. Among others of course, but this time it's not for your child-pornography-ass-holding-self, but for her distributin'-of-child-pornography-ass-self. Simply put, if you're a minor and shoot a naked photo of yourself and forward it on, you too can become a registered sex offender. It's a scary world out there folks, Manga fans beware too.

From that to this. Fish Pussy!!!


Anonymous said...

That Temple rail is fucking tall too soN!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

AWS am Jake Johnson (not to be confused with also amateur skateboarder Jacob Johnson) is good but Rodrigo TX is a Brazilian boss and switch flip switch b/s tailslided a rail in one of his two closing parts for the Firm vid years ago.

platinumseagulls said...

I remember that, vaguely, though upon official review, I was also reminded that his sskfbsts was mired in some controversy over 5-0 to tailslide ratio...just don't revoke my nerd pass.

Anonymous said...

Davis had his debut on the Berrics today with skate dice.

Could he have rolled two better tricks for himself?