February 16, 2009

Mike Munzenriger: Pro Skater

The summer of '04 or '05 I did a little thing for the now defunct Industry MPLS magazine; you might remember it, it was small, about one quarter the size of a normal magazine, but it was cool. It was for a section called "People You Should Know," I'm pretty sure I was lumped in there with some DJ and a performance artist chick.

While my neurotic ass put the actual shoot off to no end, when all was said and done things turned out fine. Got booted from the sculpture bank before heading up to those full-pipes off California St. in NE to do one of those fakie thruster knee knock things. That turned out and I think the BS I wrote about skateboarders and I-pods was the first thing I ever got published. Sick.

Though, why'd they have to call me a cringe-worthy "Pro Skater?" Man...maybe I'm just old, but you're either pro, or you're not; you have to deserve to be pro. They also spelled my name wrong, and most people would be more bummed on that, but nah, not me. That stuff happens. "Pro Skater" shouldn't.


Extreme Ash said...

I love that photo. Also, give Trisha a break - I'm sure the Pro Skateboarder thing wasn't meant to be an insult.

Anonymous said...

munzy is a ripper!!