February 14, 2009

Next Level Shit

True, the Half-Cab has been ripped off to no end by just about every shoe company out there, but Dekline is on some next level shit. Trust me. C'mon Swank!


Anonymous said...

pretty sure the dekline belmont actually came out before lakai's version

Extreme Ash said...

can we talk about your header changing? are we ok with that? shouldn't "shitty content since 2002" or whatever it was exactly have some right to stay up there?

I hate change. (today).

Anonymous said...

theyre not even that similar you fucks. its not like lakai made up that pattern, tons of companies have used it. If you cut the shoe in half and only look at the front half, the only similarity is the sole which is just a vulcanized sole; the toe boxes are different, the deklines have that piece going along the side. even the back half has nothing in common.

I seriously want someone to explain all the similarities between these shoes. Then they'll realize how much of a wasted post that really was

platinumseagulls said...

Easy Tiger.

You've seemed to miss the biggest similarity of all, the fact that they've got the exact same name. With that said, they're both intended to be boat shoes, and yeah, they both got some hound's tooth print on them. Maybe this would have been a better comparison choice. Bottom line is, same name, both intended as boat shoes, that's pretty much it.

You might have thought too hard about this one tiger, and then you used 3 times as many words that I used in the post to somehow rebut the whole thing. Then I wasted time writing back. Ugh.

THE HESH said...

notice the "anonymous".
Pretty sure these DID NOT come out before the lakai belmonts.
What's the next Dekline shoe going to be? A hella high tech shoe with a bunch of airbags called the "D3"?
They should just start a whole shoe series called "dekline does other companies shoes: the series"

Anonymous said...

Yup, didnt notice the name part. yea that is pretty lame.

but you can shutup Hesh, quit saying "hella" your not from the bayarea so leave that word there

Anonymous said...

Go buy some.