February 18, 2009

All The Pretty Colours

Legit dunk from the free throw line, and dude is in the NBA D-League. In an alternate universe homeboy started skating and can kickflip a picnic table the long way, off flat and shit. I'VE BEEN THERE.

We should not go skating more often--Sam went fishing the other day.

More please...Tha' Tap has been posting up some "Old Shit" as Meza so eloquently puts it, and the latest offering features the beauty pictured above. Scroll through the randoms and track down more Gino. Is chrome ball incident #224 at all related to the nollie 360 above?

Mind boggling as always, these aren't the droids you are looking for to fuck wit. CREAM!

Someone was talking about hipster porn the other day. Don't remember who, but, as a reminder, look no further.

And finally, Luke killing it in the blogosphere, with proper British spelling. Flavorful indeed.

1 comment:

Extreme Ash said...

that was a sexy slam dunk...if there is such a thing?