January 6, 2009

Locs...Kevin Chartrand

Photo by Simon Phuong

Name: Kevin Chartrand

Age: 21

Nicknames: K-Fedz, Fedz, Flowbie

What's your deal? Trying to freelance the shit out of myself.

Where are you doing it? Minneapolis, hopefully eventually somewhere warmer.

How high can you ollie? Am I teaching skate camps right now?

Can I have your board? Am I teaching skate camps right now?

Favorite Local Video: Myskate, Feelin' Minnesota (very soon!), THE HESH MIXTAPE (later than sooner).

Whats in your car? I really gotta get that beast cleaned out. Most likely some old assorted energy drink cans and fast food trash.

It's a hot day, should we go skating or swimming? You bring the Beers and I'll bring the BBQ!

Who's your favorite local skater? Anybody who's down to squad up and head out. I usually end up watching anyways.

Where's the best place to eat? In and Out. *(when in the area) - Is there any other option?

Mini-ramp and beer or out on the streets all day? Attempt to skate mini for about 5 minutes, go to bar after. After a few jag bombs with ShitBag we'll prolly go sesh Saturn. Casual shit.

How old are you in skate years? I'm officially at 7 years this month, weird.

It's 10PM on Saturday night, what are you doing? Trilin' it with some homies, attempting to trill it with some honeys.


Anonymous said...

hell ya fedZ.... so hot right now!

Anonymous said...

that's it. where's the Todd Brown locs?

Unknown said...

Ask Todd.

Anonymous said...


MikeLovePotna said...

The better question is Where's CJ?

platinumseagulls said...


LurkerMadness said...

The shortest one of them all!

Boats and hoes said...

kevin chartrand is chubby