January 6, 2009

Disposable Income

Yeah dudes, a Louis Vuitton skateboard. It only costs $8250, trunk included. I knew skateboard trunks would catch on some day. Link via Skatedaily. Hey Sam, didn't you shoot that photo for Louis in exchange for a legit fanny-pack?

Jenkins' Log Clip - 2008 In Retrospect from Jenkins1288 on Vimeo. This shit is pretty sick. Proper NE street tech, me rikey, assist from Templeton.

More links jacked, and on the the other end of the spectrum from the clip above, download SON and dream about skating NYC and Ohio with the homies on some stricly buddy-cam type shit. I'm dreaming of my summer being just like that video.

And then...

Rumors Confirmed

The Wolves have won three games in a row for the first time in two years. Quite underwhelming I know, and 9-25 is nothing to high-five about, but fuckit, it was a good little game to watch tonight and it was exciting. On more of the in two years tip, Darius Miles played his second game tonight in more than two years for the Grizzlies, and well, it only seems appropriate to link up this video (fully bio in the tramp!):


Scott said...

Taking Kevin Love was the worst move the wolves did in recent memory.

Mayo is going to be the rookie of the year, has great vision and can penetrate the lane.

Kevin Love sucks and he just creates issues for the future of Minnesota and how the roster shapes up.

Anonymous said...

And Darius Miles played in his last game for Memphis....


Anonymous said...

LV's only good for wallets and belts. And it would still take me a year to commit to buying one of those