October 28, 2008

Plat NBA Predictions, Because We Can

I know I put up the same pic at my TSM blog, but I'm hyped on it. Let's nerd out.

Western Conference Finalists: LA Lakers. Runner up: New Orleans Hornets.

Eastern Conference Finalists: Boston Celtics. Runner up: Cleveland Cavaliers.

MVP: Lebron James. Runners up: Chris Paul, Dwight Howard.

Sixth Man of the Year: Lamar Odom. Runner up: an injured Manu Ginobli

Rookie of the Year: Rudy Fernandez. Runners up: Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, Greg Oden.

Most Improved Player: Andrew Bynum. Runners up: Randy Foye, Devin Harris.

Coach of the Year: Nate McMillan. Dark Horse: Doc Rivers.

How are the Wolves going to do? Feast and famine, feast and famine. I wouldn't be surprised to see a seven or eight game winning streak though. We'll top out 33-49. See you at the home opener.

At The Finals... The Lakers and Celtics end up there again, and David Stern pinches himself. The Lakers have a better record from the regular season by two to four games, and have split the season series with Boston 1-1. Barring a bizarre trade or a free agent pickup late in the season that gives Boston more depth, I'm saying, as much as it pains me, that the Lakers take the series in six, in a very tight game six.

Can you tell that the season just started and I'm watching back to back games, right now? Yeah, I thought so.


Scott said...

This lamar odom?


Seriously, he is bad.

On that note don't count out Dwayne Wade for MVP. Not sure if you watched any of the Olympic Basketball but the healthy insanely good Wade is back. He was the best guy on that olympic team and the way he was cutting and slashing through everyone (including spain) made me a believer again. He was shooting better than Kobe too.

Mr. Gerbik said...

Coming off the bench just might be what Odom needs. I'm just guessing, for all I know he might not be coming off the bench next week...

I watched a ton of the Olympics B-ball and witnessed Wade's merking. In fact, I'd watch them on the internet the day after just to watch it. So, I will say, that I'd forgotten about Dwayne Wade. I just don't see them, the Heat, as a team, doing well enough for Wade to garner MVP. He's going to kill it, no doubt, but are they even going to make the playoffs? Name someone other than Wade, Marion, and Beasley on the Heat. Tough isn't it? We'll of course, see.

Scott said...

My wager is that the Heat make the playoffs. Basketball is a team game but a guy like Wade firing on all cylinders changes the entire game. If you remember the Dallas-Miami series Wade draws fouls quite well. Annoyingly well.

I agree though. I really doubt he wins MVP...but he'll get close.

Scott said...

One last thing. Greg Oden.

Great Draft Bust....or Greatest Draft Bust?!

YBK Yellow Room said...

Greg Oden on IR after one game? I am going out on a limb and saying the Wolves are the eight seed out west thanks to an aging Mavs team and an under achieving Clippers and Golden State.

Anonymous said...

Who's gonna win it all?! You didn't get that one out there Mikey... Celtics again?

Mr. Gerbik said...

I said, "At the Finals," or something to that effect, that the Lakers would take it in six games. Oh, how it pains...

Anonymous said...