August 5, 2008

187'ing It

Ah yes, the post attempted but not achieved last night; post peak blogging hours and we're good. Yes my friends, two random flicks mostly featuring the one and only Mr. Tucker Gerrick. One 70's guy, one baby-broker. It's classic teetotaling Tucker; one who had the ability to ramp it up to about 12 and a half on the Spinal Tap amp. As a bonus(?), ponder over just what my marionette-ass is doing in that first flick.

Borrowed the post name from Mr. McGuire, and realized that he probably had the better post but then again, I've got the punny material and whatnot going. Whatnot's a single word, you know? You know what else is tight? Whatsoever is a single word. YES!

So, round two of CHUD or no CHUD. I already weighed in there on that Christina Ricci controversy, but hey, I figure posting the google image search of her will make everybody's day better. Choass.

Edit: Just listened to a well done story about, in a way, how awesome the internet is at giving us information whenever we want it. It's right here. Meyer and I often talk about what we would do without the internet, and while that sounds remotely depressing, we're just talking about how rad it really is having the answer to all our stupid questions whenever we need it. The guy in the story above mentioned Quantum Leap and the little computer Al had, you know, Ziggy man.

That got me thinking about the show, and now I need to know; who remembers the Halloween episode where Sam fights Satan? I only saw that one once.


Scott said...

Ricci is a total babe. That should not be in doubt.

Secondly, the best episode(s) of Quantum Leap are the two where he leaps back home into himself as a teenager and then leaps into a soldier in Vietnam who is in his brothers squad. The worst is when he leaps into Dr. Ruth. Seriously so bad.

Anonymous said...

Ricci. Could use her forehead to project "The Now" onto. Ricci with a tye dye forehead. Nah, she way too bangin' to use for that vid. Maybe something like the Enjoi video or something.

platinumseagulls said...

Her forehead is kind of big upon further review, review being the 7th google image search of her for the day. Tim, at least you can embrace the true bangin'ness of her. These other fools, well...

Todd said it best, when she shows up at a Lords of Apathy convention, we'll be so in with her, and those other haters will just have to just gnash their teeth and respect our ballingness (that last part was all me).

Anonymous said...

not doing her would just be uncivilized, regardless of her forehead, fuck it adds character.