August 5, 2008

"Alcoholic energy drinks are a crime against taste--but worse, they trick your brain into believing you're not as drunk as you are. Bottom line: have a real beer instead. If your beverage of choice carries a silly name like Joose, you're probably too young to drink anyway."

Zing! Time Magazine collectively zings all us Sparks drinkers with a shocking expose on how alcoholic energy drinks may or may not be marketed to teenagers, let alone 20 something skateboarders and the like. There are a ton of other good quotes in there, so give it a read. I'd like to contend for sure that drinking a sparks does not make me feel any, um, doper, and less drunk, or whatever they're saying I'm supposed to be thinking is happening. Usually they're a night ender. Yeah?

Sam McGuire who may or may not be the newest Platinum rider, is seen, are you sitting down, on Atiba. Jefferson's. Blog. Dudes...

Like I said Josh, no time for regrets man.

Peep the Familia Blog if you haven't been there for a minute. Full rippage, per usual.

Oh yeah, Philmer Phil emailed to confirm, and I'll do this in bold since it's wedged in a post and since I don't have the flyer yet;
Boondoggle Premiere,
August 23rd,
4:00 PM,
Oak Street Cinema

Ok, good. I'd like to announce that Sam McGuire rides for We got A+ list on the team now!


The Mantis said...

Platinumseagulls, You could learn alot from this Time magazine report. If your beverage of choice has a silly name like Coors Light, Your probably not old enough to drink anyway, Your a Grom!

Keith (human) said...

Wikipedia: While mantises can bite, they have no venom, and are not dangerous to humans.

Let's not start throwing the Coors Light hate around my 'friend'. Grom, Sparks, Coors... at least learn to spell before bashing anyone.

There is no such word in the English language as 'alot'. Plus, you must learn the diff (if I may slang) between both variations of the words your & you're.

Okay, I am fully vented now - just like a Coors Light can. Sorry brah, no hate intended. Just don't go mud-slangin' "The World's Most Refreshing Beer".

agree with mantis said...

Coors Light is only acceptable to drink if you are female (and underage).

Its not even a real beer.

Not trying to "bash anyone"
...i'm trying to help get them back on track.
(i guess I am mud-slangin' your little watered-down, vented-color-changing-can
training-beers though)

platinumseagulls said...

Oh such discourse! And while I thought that the whole internet would be buzzing this morning about Mr. McGuire being added to the team, this is good enough.

I find much of this Coors Light bashing as misdirected as the Ricci hating. It's mostly baseless, intellectually dishonest, though with slight bits of truth mixed in. Like, Ricci has a big forehead, and yeah, Coors is easy to drink; it's the most technologically advanced and most refreshing beverage in the universe, duh.

As for calling me a grom, um, I'm generally referred to as a very old man, so, I'll take that one. Thanks?

the hesh said...

coors light gots the vent. if that isnt reason enough, bottles have the temperature gauge mountain label. damn! if you're still not convinced, two words: bobby worrest. the end.

luke perry said...

the thing is with the coors light is its a non-union beer, but i'm begining to wonder if thats a good thing. and the sparks kinda reminds me of zima, ladies night out.

the mantis said...

Keith (human),I did not know I would make you cry about your love for Coors Light. I also did not know that I was going to be graded on my grammar. Sorry if I spelt things wrong, must have been the real beer I was drinking. I like how you defend Coors Light so much. You must be that guy at the skatepark that is overweight and is scared to take his shirt off. Hey, I'm happy for you. I'd want to lose those bitch tits also. Whatever you gotta tell yourself to lose weight bitch tits!

the mantis said...

Platinum seagulls who the fuck cares if it's the most technologically advanced and most refreshing beverage in the universe! You call yourself an old man then act like one. Drink and support and old man's beer. Bottom line beer is beer, but dip shits your age should know better. Don't drink this sugar water like every highschool kid does. If so you go from grom status to prom queen status, and that's a big step for a grom.

the stealth cobra said...

Is there gonna be Kegs at the Boondoggle Premiere?

platinumseagulls said...

So much anger about Coors Light and our responsibility as men to act like men and not to act like groms or prom queens or teenage girls. But we need answers. And if you're going to force us to give up the most technologically advanced and most refreshing liquid in the universe, then the alternate ultimate "manly" beer had better be pretty fucking awesome; Coors Light Awesome if you will. And that fat joke was insane.

old man beer said...

should try and mud-slang some old milwaukee instead of that girly sugar water.

Anonymous said...

I drink Coors Light and anything that has alcohol in it... Let's quit bein frat boys on a skate website...? Care that much.? Gavin made JV this year by the way...!

Keith (human) said...

Wikipedia: While mantises can bite, they have no venom, and are not dangerous to humans.

Still valid but thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

how the fuck has mich golden light not been brought into this conversation yet? get that shit on your pole and you will quickly see what real men drink.

- jb

Anonymous said...

if you people seriously have nothing better to do with your free time then get on a computer and fight over wich shitty beer is better you really need to question where you are going in life.

The Old Horny Bastard said...

Beer is Beer fags! I love shit talkin'!!!!