August 4, 2008

Double Dip In the Bonezone

Man, sometimes I go and try to post stuff during the peak blogging times (roughly 7PM-11PM, EST), and blogger won't let me upload any photos. As the addictively awesome Gossip Girl put it on a recent and controversial billboard, OMFG. But alas, here I am without the aid of the 1000 words that a picture affords me, so I must type.

Been to that one spot on that one foundation in that one city? Yeah? I don't feel quite right about saying where it is since I put in no work there and I just went there for the first time today. Plus, by the amount of dudes that showed up there while I mostly sat and chilled due to dehydration, it seems like half of you could answer the original question with "Yes". Either way, I shall hydrate and bring water and have a bang up time there next time, without the requisite dizzyness and shittiness that comes when your body is extra thirsty.

First Cherry and now the The Hessians are down. Then again, Sissi didn't know that this site was back up until last Friday. You know?

For some reason, I ended up at Coney Island twice while I was in NYC, and I'd said the first time that I'd never return, ever. Ok. Here's a pretty read little photo essay type thing on that insanely strange place right here.

The Dog Days of Summer. I never knew all that stuff about them, but man, we're there, if only based upon my serious need for hydration earlier today. But there is something romantic about the thought, especially with what we in Minne have in store for us not that far off. I'd originally floated "Dog Days" as a name for what would end up as Weekend Warriors, though Benji thought the Dogtown and Z-Boys correlation would be too much; that didn't really hold up to the test of time (for full disclosure, I'd also suggested the ill-advised alternate of "Dawg Days"-ouch). I love this time of year; there's a certain immediacy of the moment where you've got to squeeze every damn last drop out of it, but at the same time the way the heat and haze treat you physically makes it all the more difficult. I guess, as one dude said one time, "the living is heavy," and with sweated out gear and the rest in mind, it truly and literally is. I figure there's about 20 days or so until the sun starts getting low at a frustrating hour (look for it while your eating Pronto Pups at the fair). Then it's pretty much over, or at least feels that way.


Anonymous said...

You've become one hell of a writer.
I enjoy your posts and wish that they would be more frequent.


DMB said...

Coney Island is treacherous! It's a bizarre oasis that has been forgotten about for the last 40 years.