July 15, 2008

Sometimes Every Day...

For those that caught the quote above, I intended to link to the San Jose Metrospective from 411, but sadly, it's not on the internet, as far as I can tell at least. So, what's up, you gotta watch Kalis' awesome part from Timecode. Don't be mad at me, and isn't it rad how he's pretty much wearing the same gear in that part as he is now, except it's a little slimmed down nowadays? Speaking of his gear, fuck your New Era, or worst yet, the fedora you're thinking of buying (that's already out of style), here's to the adjustable cap!

I'm not sure if I linked to something similar to this, but here's a rad clip from DLXTV of 3rd and Army. For some reason watching clips set to grimey-ish hip hop always gets me psyched; and this clip, especially with the level of shredding, is no exception. Who knew Ramondetta, who knew?

The Mag alerted me to the fact that, after years of lagging on properwebsiteness (no offense, but seriously) Uprise has a new site up with a gang of content, and they're celebrating ten years in the biz. Booya, and, I know (a lot) of those dudes!

Is this the Summer of Lil' Wayne (SOLW) or was that last summer? Every summer? Does Time Magazine know what's up? Either way, The Hesh got naughty in Fargo with some tricks, and may or may not have used their 52nd Lil' Wayne song in a vid for their site. Let's make it 53!

In case you forgot, Bobby Worrest has a blog. I interviewed him in the new Skateboard Mag, and he totally fills you in on the story behind this, so, as I've been ending all posts lately, Booya.

Also, in said Worrest interview, there's a caption dedicated to Mr. Spettel and Mr. Erickson, try and find it!


Extreme Ash said...

Don't think I know who's fedora you're referencing. Fuck the adjustable cap.

platinumseagulls said...

I was, in fact, not speaking about your fedora.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows the REAL best 411 Metro "file"-#9? New York featuring my man Dan Zimmer clutching his clip on mike like the Pledge of Allegiance...."You Come, You Test, You See Who's Got Heart...." Meyer knows. Never, ever forgetting that one.

Julius Seizure