February 9, 2016


The concept that a magazine would either send a dude to a random American city to shoot an article about it or, even better, that the photog would enterprise that thing and do it himself (happy birthday, ZED, by the way), is no longer with us and yet is a reminder of how far we've come.

Per the photo above, in the heady summer of 1998 on a Saturday night downtown, we came upon Ted Newsome attempting to shoot Ryan Hanson doing a switch hardflip into the Reliastar/ING/Whatever-it-is-now fountain the long way. We lurked across the street in the Fed parking lot. ZED's jumped into that bank and grabbed doing so at least two different ways.

As stated, the article came out in March 1999. Come the summer of 2001, another photog that'd shot for TWS, one Brayden Knell from Atlanta, showed up during the hottest week and put another article together, that ended up in a Transworld the next year with Bastien flip backtailing a handrail on the cover.


Mighty Roll said...

Fuck yeah happy birthday Seth!

Brayden said...

Minneapolis was the best trip! - Brayden