October 15, 2015


How you do that @mikearnoldeluxe? Repost from @skateboardcafe

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Hark, the slappy* has peaked.

*These really ought to be called "stabbies" or just stabs.


Mighty Roll said...


Skyler Meredith said...

plaza republica, paris france

Wylie T. said...

I'm no fan whatsoever of the "stabbies," since they're no more earnest than those breezy 360-flips that people do (e.g., Dylan Rieder in his Gravis part), or those gansta-smack hardflip bs-180s that people do (e.g., Chris Joslin every moment he chooses to skate instead of reading The Great Gatsby.)
You'd be infinitely safer taking guidance from 411 Issue 33, in which Jake Rupp exhibits sincere, accomplished, classically stylish tricks around greying marble, dignified red bricks, and autumnal, ivy backdrops, i.e., somewhere near to Boston. Just so inspiring!

sprntrl said...

Wylie. To each his own my friend. Nothing wrong w a little creativity.

Wylie T. said...

Dear, Mr. Sissi,
I'm so glad you responded to me, since I totally agree with what you said as well -- yeah!
But here's my thing: so far as I know, Karl Watson was the first to display that trick brilliantly, which he did at the Hubba Hideout. And then I never really saw the trick again, though I remembered it sacredly.
But then suddenly, Austyn Gillette brought it back during the height of his existence -- his Austyn Unlimited part -- and he too displayed that trick brilliantly, both regular and switch, and Austyn himself said afterward that he'd done it in homage to Karl Watson. And I saw that Austyn's intentions were good.
But with these "stabbies," there's just not much heart! And if I start supporting them, it won't be long until laser-flips and the oppressive P-Rod standard are back, which know nothing about the needs of the heart.
. . . . Or something like that.